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  • High back up torque on the 5E tractors 20-25%
  • Superior ergonomics reduces operator effort and fatigue, thus positively impacting the productivity.
  • Precise Rockshaft with Automatic Draft and Depth Control Hydraulics
  • With a fully independent 540 rpm Power-Take-Off (PTO)
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Maximum power55 hp
Lift capacity1800 kg at lower link ends
Rated engine speed2400 rpm
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    5055E 5000 Series


    5055E Tractor

    The new 5E series tractors are highly reliable and versatile machines that deliver high-quality performance at optimal cost of maintenance. These tractors are fitted with a powerful 3029 engines with high (20 -25%) backup torque for better lugging ability in heavy load applications. With a fully independent 540 rpm Power-Take-Off (PTO), these machines are designed to work. Superior ergonomics reduces operator effort and fatigue, increasing your comfort and productivity throughout the day. Get more for less! Reliable machines with maintenance optimization service to give you high performance and lower cost of ownership.



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